House Music

House Music was born in the early eighties at a club called the Warehouse. The DJ, Frankie Knuckles, mixed gospel and soul music with a 4/4 bass beat. When people looked for that kind of music they referred to it as House Music (ie as heard at the Warehouse). Over the next few years it quickly spread to New York, San Francisco, Baltimore, Detroit, Miami, and other cities. Some styles took on the names of their cities (ie Detroit House) or clubs (ie Garage from New York’s Paradise Garage) and some got descriptions based on their sound (like smooth and soulful Deep House). For a full guide to the different styles of House Music, check out Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music.

One thing that stands out about house music, and dance, is the vibe that it brings. There’s something magical that happens when you get those house rhythms and melodies, loving lyrics, and friendly people dancing in one place. It just works. This website will provide links to those lyrics. More songs coming soon.